How to Help

Sponsor a Child: Without sponsors our children would not have a holiday celebration. The sponsor furnishes a child with three gifts: something he/she wants, something he/she needs, and something educational. These lists are provided by the child’s social worker or caregiver. Each gift is wrapped, tagged, and delivered to your specific child.

Giving Trees: Individuals or groups can establish a “Giving Tree” at their local salon, the gym, bank etc. contact us or click here for additional information on how to set up and run your “Tree”.  Click here for blank snowmen for your Giving Tree

Food Drive: We have a complete list of suggested food items for the baskets, which you can find on the respective page, see Menu on left. This is a great opportunity for girl scout troops, boy scout troops, and even local businesses. Please email us or call our local number for additional information.

Promotions: We can always use some free advertising. Please share information about Christmas is for Children with your co-workers, friends, and family. Another way to help spread the word is by distributing flyers at your local library, post office or gym. Flyers are available for you to help.

Monetary Donations: Many of our children enter the shelters just days before Christmas. We use cash to buy last minute gifts for these children. Cash donations are also used to buy perishable food items (milk, bread, turkeys, orange juice, etc.) on the day we assemble food baskets.

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